Unique Ways to Find Dates


A Fender Bender

For those with their own vehicle, the world can be a crowded place. They might love the convenience of being able to hop in the car whenever they need something, but avoiding accidents can be difficult. Two people who are heading for the same parking spot might find they are suddenly involved in a fender bender, but not all is lost if they are looking for love. Their accident might be the best way to meet someone for a romance that will keep them from crashing alone for the rest of their days.

The crashing of metal is often jarring to the nerves, but the relief of finding there is little or no damage to the people or vehicles can be a huge relief. It is normal for two people involved in even a small accident to exchange information, and those with an open mind and heart might find someone who interests them. It could be the luckiest accident of their life if they find the person best suited to travel through life with them.