Unique Ways to Find Dates


A Jog in the Park

Keeping in shape is important whether a person is settled or single, so going for a jog in the park could become a daily routine for some. They might be looking forward to shedding a bit of excess weight, or they could be on the lookout for someone special. Either way, getting their body in shape will make them healthier and more attractive to others. If a person really is searching out potential dates, they might be more appealing because they are willing to take care of their body, and that alone could garner them a coveted date with someone they have admired for months without a good approach.

One of the best ways to start on acquiring a firm commitment for a date is to start a conversation, but that can be hampered by not really knowing anything about the other person. People jogging in the park have a topic they can already speak on, so their chances are bound to be better than ever. A few minutes of eye contact every day could lead them down a path where they can begin talking to their dream date, or the person they admire might strike up a conversation with them.

Common interests are often a good way to speak with another person comfortably, and two joggers would tend to have plenty to keep them talking. They can compare their times on certain routes, or they might discuss why they favour one course over another. Each of these is a way to get to know a person without being pushy, so they should be considered excellent opening gambits.

It could take a few weeks of meeting in the park for mutual exercise before the two are comfortable enough to consider dating, but it can bring them to the point closer than if their common interest was not involved, so a jog in the park could be a worthwhile investment of time.