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Stuck on the Tarmac

There are few things more disconcerting than being in an airplane that will be going nowhere soon, and people often find the only relief from the situation is talking to those near them. It can be a boon for a single person who has yet to find someone worthy of a relationship, so being open to a conversation with a stranger can help them in many ways. They will be able to pass the time in a companionable manner, and they might find the trip is only beginning when it comes to romance.

Few people like the idea of being stuck on the tarmac, and they often bring books to read during even a short flight. They find it gives them their own space where they can relax, and they are not expected to make casual conversation. This all goes out the window when their plane is sitting for an hour or more, so they generally give up their isolation and begin talking to the person seated next to them.

The start of the conversation might be about why the vehicle is sitting, so it can be a good way for two strangers to break the ice that would normally keep them apart. They can speculate on how long they will be stuck, and they might even find it humorous if there is nothing wrong with the aircraft. Their conversation could then become more personal as the time drags by without relief.

Learning about a stranger sitting in the next seat on a plane is not the standard way to fly for many, and some of them cherish the opportunity to sit quietly and read a book or catch up on work. Those who are stranded might find their curiosity about the situation can take them out of their shell, and they can transfer that feeling to others. Meeting someone in this situation could be just an interesting interlude, or it could be the start of a great romance.