Unique Ways to Find Dates


Using Public Transportation

Moving to a large metropolitan area could be a step up in the world for someone who is single, but meeting even a small fraction of those around them could be daunting. They generally do not know anyone in the area, so friends and family will not be able to match them up with someone. There are plenty of situations where they might be able to find someone compatible, but a dry spell could be making life miserable. For those who are using public transportation, striking up a conversation with other regular commuters could be a way to meet the perfect partner.

There are plenty of people who choose a neighborhood where they want to live, but they must then figure out how to get to their work location. Driving a personal vehicle is fine for some of them, but parking and traffic could make commuting a nightmare. Taking the bus or a train is a good way to avoid the hassles of the drive, and those who take advantage of it have plenty of time to relax while someone else drives.

Facing a vehicle full of strangers could be difficult at first, so hiding in the newspaper or paying attention to a telephone might be normal the first few weeks. Looking up every few minutes will give the commuter a chance to see if there are any faces that become familiar after a while, and they could eventually begin chatting with the other regulars.

People who ride public transportation are not always looking for someone to chat with them, but it is fairly reasonable to expect that at least one or two might be in the same situation. Riding a regular route could be a chance to meet others in the same circumstances, and friendships or relationships could develop. Taking a chance might seem frightening at first, but it could be a good way to meet someone special.